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Vacations, parties, graduations, celebrating accomplishments, retirement, reunions, festivals, weddings…

HMMMM… What do they have in common, besides having fun,…… Looking our best and sharing in some tasty feel good drinks… A.k.a.… Alcohol.

We all love to enjoy a great party or celebration, enjoying a good drink giving us that “happy“ feeling from head to toe. Most of us also know how we feel the next morning if we happen to over indulge… “Oh my head”…” Oh my stomach “… “I look terrible “… Did I really streak through my neighbors yard?!”

You get the drift.

But do you really know what alcohol is doing to your skin and body health?

One reason people tend to think alcohol consumption is bad for the skin is because it can dehydrate the body, and many assume that if they drink plenty of water after enjoying alcoholic beverages they’ll be just fine. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

In reality, alcohol creates inflammation throughout your body and skin, and it’s effects far surpass dehydration alone.

Dullness, enlarged pores, discoloration, sagging, fine lines and lack of resilience are just some of the symptoms that can result within the skin.

There’s no escaping it… ALL alcohol dehydrates the skin.

According to Dr. David Colbert, founder of New York dermatology group, “alcohol may make us feel good, but alcohol is hepatotoxin”, meaning it specifically damages the liver.

So basically it’s a toxin to the cells that detoxify our body.

So you’re probably wondering how does that effect our skin… Well one way to look at it, according to Dr. Colbert, “is to ask what does someone look like who is dying of liver failure? Their sallow, their pasty, they are cold, their pores are huge.”

Also keep in mind is that alcohol contains congeners…. A chemical substance produced during the fermentation process. They contribute to a liquors’ unique taste and smell. They are the main cause of hangovers, so the more congeners in a liquor, the worse your hangover…

The worse you look the next morning.

So between the dehydration, the liver damage, and then congeners it’s clear alcohol can do some pretty good damage to our skin. Also keep in mind that alcohol impedes our sleep which is important for rejuvenating the skin and body.

OK gang with all that being said it’s still a fact that we like to go out and enjoy a few cocktails and spirits with friends even if it might mean a rougher start in the morning….

so which drinks should we steer clear of and which ones are the least harmful to our skin and body?

Here’s skinny …

CLEAR ALCOHOL (vodka, gin, tequila)

Clear liquors contain less congeners and products of extra fermentation than dark liquors so they tend to be the healthier choice.

Also what makes the skin effects of one alcoholic drink different from the next is what else is in the drink.

That actually makes shots the best option, since there’s no extra sugar, salt or other harmful ingredients. However, most people who drink shots end up consuming more alcohol than they intended since it’s easy to lose track … and of course more alcohol is never better for your skin or body. Thus… sipping a shot or mixing with water or tonic is your best bet.

DARK ALCOHOL ( rum, whiskey, scotch) 🥃

Drinking dark alcohol straight also comes with the benefits of no additives however as stated above dark liquor does contain more congeners and products of extra fermentation that a clear liquor does not.

More congeners worsen your hangover, and the excess of impurities may contribute to more skin aging.


Mojito‘s are a big rage right now especially at special events, on cruises, and resort vacations.

What plays major havoc on your skin from these cocktails is the sugar.

According to Dr. Jessica Krant, Assistant Clinical professor of dermatology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, “Sugar anywhere in the diet, along with other excessive carbs, leads to systemic inflammation, which of course contributes to cell damage and increase skin aging” The less sugar you take in with your alcohol, the better for your long-term wrinkle risk.

But Mojito‘s, not to mention drinks mixed with Coke, orange juice, Red Bull and other sweet drinks are loaded with sugar. Dr. Krantz also reminds us that “sugar causes acne by spiking your insulin levels, causing inflammation throughout the body.”


Margaritas, especially frozen ones made with mixes, also contain sugar. However, these tequila-based drinks serve up a double whammy due to the salt. Any intake of salt, no matter the source, does contribute to bloating. Even though this is temporary, who wants to feel and look puffy on top of a hangover…. not me 🙁

BEER is another drink that has plenty of salt, although it’s not dangerously high in sodium levels.


White wine, like mixed cocktails and beer, contains sugar, in addition to some salt. Wine can lead to swollen skin and bloating. Now red wine, as we have often heard, can actually be good for you. Red wine contains more antioxidants than white, which may help counteract some aging processes.

However, if you have skin issues like rosacea, studies have shown that 76% of people that drink red wine have a flareup, versus 56% of those drinking white wine.

Drinking red wine is better done with meals rather than before. It helps avoid a rapid rise in blood sugar, which could otherwise cause a burst of inflammation throughout the body.

In summary…

Any alcohol in excess contributes more to aging than it protects against.

So when it’s time to “Let your hair down” you are better off with a little red wine accompanied by some goodies or perhaps a nice vodka tonic.

Forget the sugary and salty cocktails if you want better skin health and less bloating.


Ok.. it happens.

Should you overindulge, drink water and take the right blend of nutritional supplements to help repair the internal and external damage that greets you in the morning. Recommendations include:

  • 10 to 12 ounces glass of water

  • 1000 mg of vitamin C

  • 1200 mg of n-acetyl cysteine

  • 100 mg of alpha lipoic acid

  • 500 milligrams of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) found and most vitamin B complex formulations

To also help your skin recover and detox it’s best to use a good organic facial mask like Neal’s Yard Remedies White Tea Enriching Facial Mask.

White tea soothes and calms the skin. It gently detoxifies your skin and helps restore the skins natural moisture balance. The White Tea Toning eye gel and White Tea Facial Mist is the perfect follow up to masking.

This combination instantly hydrates and reduces puffiness while supplying rich antioxidants to your skin.


CHEERS to healthy celebrating and healthy skin.

Always remember to celebrate responsibly and treat your designated and/or Uber drivers respectfully and as always….




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